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Cocker Spaniel Coat Color Inheritance

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The Black ,Tan and Sable Cocker
Taking into consideration the new information; that the homozygous Ky genes makes all Cocker Spaniels yellow, this is an update of the Agouti series
The Agouti genes in Cocker Spaniels:
As self colored = dominant black ( creates black even when heterozygous completely restricting the yellow of ky, allowing the black of the "E" genes to be fully expressed)
at = tan pointed (restricts the yellow pigment to the extremities)
ay = sable/yellow (allows yellow pigment over the whole body (more or less)
aw = wild type (not known to exist in cockers( at least I don't )
a = recessive black (must be homozygous to be fully expressed, this would be the gene responsible for the phenomenon I've described on recessive black in cocker spaniels)
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The Agouti genes in order of dominance:
A = simple dominant to "at" "ay" and "a" stops the other two yellow allowing genes from being visible ( allows black  of 'E' by overriding yellow of ky)
at = tan point (usually considered dominant to ay)
ay = sable (usually considered recessive to at )
a = recessive black ( creates black when homozygous overriding yellow of ky) usually considered recessive to ay and at )
in reality there is no discernible dominant or recessive between at  ay or a; when inherited with any combination of two of these genes, they will effect each other, but not always in a strictly predictable manner

(seems that recessive black "a" is relatively rare in Cockers)

Black Tan and Sable:
chart 1A chart 2A chart 3A chart 4A chart 5A chart 6A chart 7A chart 8A chart 9A chart 10A chart 11A chart 12A chart 13A chart 14A chart 15A Recessive Black
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