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Cocker Spaniel Coat Color Inheritance


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The C series (called chinchilla) 
The genes found in this locas (location) are basically color lightening modifiers.
This gene does not effect Black colored dogs but effects all other colors. What you normally see that you can easily identify, as part of this group of genes, is buff, that varies from near red to golden to buff to silver.
There are at least three genes in this locus (location). They seem to work together.Hence the variability of buffs.
They are :
C - non lightening dominant.

ch - (recessive to C but dominant to xch) this gene is responsible for what we normally think of as buff.

xch - extreme chinchilla, recessive to C and ch, known as silver


this is approximately  the way the chinchilla series of genes works
although we haven't seen an actual " Irish Setter" Red with a full coat


C ch

ch ch

ch xch

xch xch
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