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Cocker Spaniel Coat Color Inheritance

Coat Color Inheritance in Cocker Spaniels

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K Gene Dominant Black BlackBrown RecessiveBlack BlackTanSable Sable bred Buff Blue Buff Chinchilla Parti Roan Progression of Roan Ticking Inheritance Interactive Genes All-White Spots
 We have found  that most of the information in the dog world is hard to understand for the lay person. Usually right up front the author or authors tell you, the reader, that here is the information but it will be too difficult for you to understand. Telling the reader that the information is beyond your abilities to comprehend and that a simple thing like Mendel's Law is too hard to grasp, certainly makes the rest almost worthless as a research tool.

We wanted to make this easy to read and to understand the graphs at a glance. 


Using this as a guide will help the individual to have a better understanding as to how coat color is inherited in cocker spaniels.

This web page was put together to assist the beginning cocker breeder in their choice of breeding stock when breeding for particular colors. It is a guide to help you in recognizing the inheritance of color in your cocker spaniels. These pages strive to clear up the sometimes confusion of coat color. This is also a good place to start when trying to understand inheritance of other genetic material.


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