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Cocker Spaniel Coat Color Inheritance

Spots not Piebald

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I had sent these  web pages as email to [email protected] and received no feed back so here they are.  (slightly edited from original emails)

Spots (ticking)
not piebald (white coat coverage)

I don't think the inheritance is as simple as once thought.
Ticking is believed to be a simple autosomal dominant
Ticking is considered to be the same gene whether plating, dalmatian, ticking or flecking.
While all of these ticking genes do appear to be simple dominants, the plating is present at birth.
All of the others fade in from birth(similar to roaning).
If they were the same gene with modifiers dictating the size,
it shouldn't be possible to have more than one size spots(ticks) on an individual dog.
Unless they would be location specific which doesn't seem to be the case.

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